You Do not Need to Miss These Cyber Week Offers on LG Gram Laptops

You Do not Need to Miss These Cyber Week Offers on LG Gram Laptops – CNET

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Woot is offering great deals on refurbished LG Gram Ultra-Light laptops all throughout Cyber Week.

LG Gram 16 2-in-1 on a blue background

The LG Gram 2-in-1’s function like a tablet and a computer.

Josh Goldman/CNET

 Cyber Monday might be over, but Cyber Week deals are still going strong while supplies last. One deal to keep an eye on is Woot’s discounts on LG Gram Ultra-Light laptops. Woot is selling refurbished versions of LG Grams for less up until Dec. 3. 

This two-in-one laptop functions as a laptop and a tablet with touch display and an accompanying stylus pen for drawing. It’s an ultradurable laptop with a 22-hour battery life. By buying Woot’s refurbished version you’re taking 58% off the retail price, as it’s retailing for $1,599 on LG’s website right now. 

This laptop, which is $820 less than Amazon’s new version, has all of the functions of the 16-inch model along with a touchscreen display. Switch from using a keyboard and mouse to a touchscreen and stylus pen. 

One of LG’s newer laptops is $870 less on Woot’s site. This laptop is lightweight at under three pounds and offers up a 17-inch screen. It’s portable and mobile friendly, ideal for using as you work from home. 

Another lightweight laptop coming in at just over 2.5 pounds, this FHD touchscreen laptop is $834 more on Amazon. Use a stylus pen or your fingers to navigate the laptop.

By far the least expensive item available through Woot’s LG Gram discounts, this computer is $330 more on Amazon. It might be an earlier model that debuted in 2018, but the 15.6-inch LG Gram has impressive battery life and is impressively light.