The Witcher 3’s Ciri is a kind of characters that adheres every little thing collectively. I’m no storyteller, however as Geralt, Yennefer, and a large solid of characters all hooked up to Ciri ultimately pop up all through the story, it turns into clear that she’s the centre of the narrative.

At it’s core, then, The Witcher 3 is about Ciri, even when The Witcher 3’s Geralt and The Witcher 3’s Yennefer spend extra time really on display screen, so learn on to seek out out all about this key character, from her half within the third sport and her persona, to a listing of all of the Witcher video games she has appeared in. For extra, try our guides to the very best Witcher 3 maps, The Witcher 3 endings, and The Witcher 3 greatest armor.

Who’s Ciri in The Witcher 3?

As we be taught in The Witcher 3, Ciri skilled with Geralt when she was youthful, on the witcher preserve of Kaer Morhen. That is proven by way of playable flashbacks, nevertheless, as, originally of the sport, nobody is aware of the place Ciri is.

Early on, we meet the Bloody Baron, who took Ciri in. She fled the Baron when she had to make use of her powers, realizing that the Wild Hunt, those chasing her for her elder blood, would be capable of sense that her powers had been used.

This flight continues by way of many characters who you meet as Geralt, one step behind, following her path. There’s Dandelion, Whoreson Junior, and plenty of others alongside the best way, till the path results in Skellige.

From there, Geralt ultimately finds Ciri, after some run-ins with elves and eradicating of curses and whatnot. However they’ll’t relaxation for lengthy, because the wild hunt plan to raid the preserve Kaer Morhen. That is the place the band of pals you’ve made alongside the best way make a stand, although what occurs subsequent is greatest skilled for your self.

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Ciri’s persona in The Witcher 3

Ciri’s persona is slightly in every single place. She’s no damsel in misery, in a position to fend for herself and possessing a powerful will, however she’s positively not unflappable. She was raised as a princess, in spite of everything.

Nonetheless, all through The Witcher 3, Ciri is trying to not make her drawback – i.e. the wild hunt – everybody else’s drawback, and that’s noble. She additionally has an endearing kindness in the direction of these much less sturdy or in want, which is admirable.

The Witcher 3 Ciri: Ciri is facing forward, silver haired, with white top and leather straps. She looks over her soldier, large stony outcrop in front, sword on her back, snow falling down.

What Witcher video games does Ciri seem in?

Ciri seems solely in The Witcher 3, although she is talked about within the second sport, briefly:

  • The Witcher 2: Murderer of Kings
  • The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

That’s all, people. All we’ve obtained for you on The Witcher 3’s Yennefer. For extra guides to the continent, try our The Witcher 3 Household Issues, The Witcher 3 Viper armor, and The Witcher 3 Excessive Stakes guides.