Moonscars: Candy Wanda boss information

Candy Wanda is the third boss that you simply’ll come throughout in Moonscars‘ marketing campaign. It seems that she’s an outdated pal of your character, Gray Irma, however an incident has led to her corruption. Right here’s our Moonscars Candy Wanda boss information that can assist you defeat this opponent.

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Moonscars Candy Wanda boss information

Candy Wanda will be present in Moonscars‘ Depths zone. There’s a quick journey level there known as the Lesser Mills, which can ultimately lead you to additional west. I counsel exploring a bit till you’ll be able to tag the Corpse Pits teleporter. That is a lot nearer to the boss’ enviornment, which is encircled within the picture beneath.

Anyway, Candy Wanda is surrounded by a number of hungry clayborne if you first speak to her. The truth is, it doesn’t appear to be she poses a menace. However, when you hit her, she’ll succumb to her wounds earlier than turning into her demonic kind.

Moonscars Sweet Wanda Boss Guide 1

Candy Wanda has the next skills:

  • Shadow Spiders – She’ll typically spawn further mobs within the enviornment. Whereas they could be a little annoying, they’ll additionally replenish your ichor or trigger a spite degree up for that all-important insta-heal.
  • Shadow Blob – It is a fundamental projectile that she throws your approach.
  • Greedy Darkness – Ripples will seem on the ceiling of the world. After a brief pause, a number of tendrils will try to smack you. Preserve shifting sideways to keep away from them.
  • Evil Twin – For the primary part of the struggle, you would possibly assume that Wanda is a pushover. Nonetheless, when you’ve dropped her HP, she’ll regenerate it again to full and turn out to be extra aggressive. She’ll ultimately spawn one other shadow that barely mimics her assaults. It additionally has tendrils that sprout out of its physique.

Moonscars Sweet Wanda Boss Guide 2

After eliminating Candy Wanda in Moonscars, you’ll be granted the Superdash means. This gives a velocity increase to your sprint means. Likewise, in case you maintain down the bounce button, you’ll be able to glide to cross chasms.

Anyway, you’ll be exploring the Earth Bowels and the Citadel Apex. You’ll have to seek out your outdated buddies so you’ll be able to proceed additional to the end result of the marketing campaign.

Moonscars Sweet Wanda Boss Guide 3

Moonscars is on the market through Steam.