Kang is likely one of the strongest entities within the Marvel Universe, having full management over time journey. In Marvel Snap, he’s a 5-cost, 0-power card with a mind-boggling impact. When Kang is revealed, you get to see what your opponent did earlier than restarting the flip with out him. He’s a Sequence 5 card, making him tough to achieve, with a price of 6,000 Collector Tokens from the store. Given his game-changing impact, listed here are a number of the greatest Marvel Snap decks for Kang the Conqueror.

Finest Marvel Snap decks for Kang the Conqueror

Kang’s Lockjaw-Thanos Deck

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Lockjaw and Thanos has at all times been a strong combo. Thanos shuffles one-cost Infinity Stones into your deck, which may be swapped into your deck by Lockjaw or extra highly effective playing cards.

This deck options Sunspot and Quinjet as one-cost playing cards. Quinjet reductions all of the Infinity Stones to zero power, whereas Sunspot converts any extra power into energy.

Killmonger, Shang-Chi, Cosmo, and Leech kind the disruptive a part of this deck. Killmonger clears the board of one-cost playing cards, together with any Infinity Stones we are not looking for in play. Cosmo stops any On-Reveal talents from occurring at his location, whereas Leech removes the talents of all playing cards within the opponent’s hand. Collectively, they stop the opponent from advancing their gameplan and activating their playing cards’ results. Shang-Chi is a wonderful inclusion to destroy 9-plus energy playing cards the opponent has in play.

She-Hulk and Chavez are nice endgame performs if we don’t have a Thanos in hand, and are nice when pulled from our deck by Lockjaw. She-Hulk will also be performed as early as flip 4, if we now have not used any power the prior flip.

Aero, simply one of the best card within the sport, rounds this deck out. She strikes opponent playing cards performed that flip to her location, letting you dictate the place the opponent places their energy. Kang allows you to decide the place to play your Aeros and Shang-Chis on the ultimate turns of the sport. He additionally tells you what Lockjaw will ship out of our deck, and what performs the opponent will make. Kang makes the disruptive core of this deck a lot stronger.

Kang Galactus Deck

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This deck performs Galactus as our important win situation. Galactus is a 6-cost, 2-power card that destroys all different places if he’s alone on the location he’s performed. Consequently, we are able to destroy the places the opponent is successful, and switch the tide in our favor. Kang lets us decide a secure location to play Galactus at, relying on what the opponent does. We are able to mess around a Cosmo or Aero due to the knowledge we now have.

With the intention to play Galactus as shortly as potential, we now have Psylocke and Electro in our deck. Pyslocke grants us an additional power on the next flip, and Electro offers us an additional power each flip, with the draw back that we are able to solely play a single card a flip. We additionally play Wave, who modifications the price of all playing cards to 4 power the next flip. Consequently, we are able to put Galactus in play as early as flip 4.

Since we produce a lot power on this deck, She-Hulk and Sunspot are important to capitalize on the surplus. Sunspot soaks up unused power, whereas She-Hulk turn out to be cheaper for power not used the final flip. Shang-Chi is a key disruptive instrument to destroy any high-power playing cards our opponent performs.

Since Galactus’s On Reveal impact leaves one location in play, Inexperienced Goblin and Hobgoblin are nice inclusions. We are able to ship these unfavorable energy playing cards over to our opponent’s aspect, leaving them with much less house to play out their card, whereas sustaining out personal house.

Knull and Dying are devastating playing cards to play post-Galactus. When Galactus destroys the opposite places, he destroys the playing cards at these places too. Knull beneficial properties the facility of all destroyed playing cards within the match, simply having 20+ energy on the finish of the sport. Dying turns into cheaper for each card destroyed, which means that we oftentimes have a 0-cost, 12-power card to play on the finish of the sport.

Kang Disruption Deck

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This deck takes benefit of Kang and Daredevil’s predictive talents to regulate our opponents’ performs. Daredevil reveals us the playing cards our opponent performs earlier than we play our personal playing cards, whereas Kang may be performed on flip 6 to see our opponents’ performs on the final two turns of the sport.

We are able to use the knowledge we get from Kang and Daredevil to play our Professor X, Gamora, and Hobgoblin accordingly. Professor X lock downs the situation he’s performed at, stopping playing cards from being added or faraway from that location. Then again, Hogoblin strikes to the opponent aspect with -8 energy, decreasing the quantity of house the opponent has and giving them an enormous energy discount. These playing cards can singlehandedly win a location on flip 5.

  • Gamora is one other strong addition. She beneficial properties 5 energy when the opponent performs a card on the identical location she is performed.
  • Iceman is a utility 1-cost card that makes an opponent card value yet one more power, and Shang-Chi is nice for eradicating enemy threats.

Storm floods a location, which means that playing cards can solely be performed for yet one more flip at that location. Together with Juggernaut, she can also win a location, as Juggernaut strikes any playing cards the opponent performs on the flooded location elsewhere. Spider-Man performs an analogous operate, stopping the opponent from enjoying playing cards at a location on the next flip, stopping enemy combos.

Aero is nice simply to maneuver playing cards the place we want in an effort to win a location or disrupt the opponent.

Lastly, America Chavez offers us a assured 9-power, flip 6 play if we’d like one.

These are simply a number of the greatest Marvel Snap decks that you may construct with Kang. Be happy to experiment and see what different combos you possibly can uncover with everybody’s favourite time-traveler.