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Knightcore Kingdom is a mixture of technique tower protection and RPG printed by Marscat Recreation Co. Ltd on twentieth October 2022. On this submit, we’re going to share with you our Knightcore Kingdom Tier Record.

Knightcore Kingdom Tier Record

The tier record might be primarily based on the attributes and the category of the heroes, and every hero might be categorized by the kind it belongs to.

Tier S

The heroes of this tier are the very best and have nice stats and are of the very best class are extremely suggested to unlock and make them attain their max stats.

Identify Kind
Cartlon Tank
Marcus Tank
Shark Tank
Gawain Tank
Morgause Tank

Tier A

The heroes listed below are additionally sturdy characters who can pulverize enemies with ease however nonetheless, their total stats are inferior to the S tier heroes.

Identify Kind
Raici Mage
Klaire Mage
Aoi Melee
Ganis Mage
Parfait Mage
Uluru Mage
Nice Elder Mage

Tier B

These heroes are common heroes with good stats. They could be a good assist to your workforce in battles to look at the backs of your different heroes.

Identify Kind
Kai Melee
Barrett Melee
Lancelot Melee
Charolotte Melee
Geraint Melee
Alfie Ranged
Rin Melee

Tier C

These are heroes that won’t be that helpful as the degrees get more durable and would require extra energy and attributes, so briefly, they’re good within the decrease ranges of the sport.

Identify Kind
Pearl Ranged
Kurin Ranged
Van Ranged
Kallian Ranged
Kriel Ranged

Tier D

These are the heroes which might be beneath common and received’t be of a lot assist in the assault part, to allow them to solely be saved as healers or minor harm sellers.

Identify Kind
Queen Pella Ranged
Avalon Healer
Shiva Healer
Bedivere Healer
Moni Healer
Alys Healer

With this, we come to the tip of our Knightcore Kingdom Tier Record.

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