Greatest mushroom abilities for Fabulous Fungus Frenzy

Your minions will do battle in Genshin Affect as you climb the ranks in a match. After all, you’ll need to just remember to’re choosing the proper squad for the job. Right here’s our Genshin Affect information that will help you with the perfect mushroom abilities and crew comps for the Fabulous Fungus Frenzy occasion.

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Genshin Affect finest mushroom abilities and crew comps information (Fabulous Fungus Frenzy occasion)

When speaking about the perfect mushroom abilities and crew comps in Genshin Affect‘s Fabulous Fungus Frenzy occasion, we’ll want to think about a couple of issues:

  • Relying on how far you’ve progressed, sure minions may not be accessible but. Likewise, you continue to want to spice up them by way of the Coruscating Potential puzzles.
  • Mushrooms assault routinely, they usually are likely to deal elemental harm. This implies you’ll need to set off elemental reactions typically. Nonetheless, it may be a bit iffy because you don’t have full management on the subject of their auto-attacks.
  • At finest, you should utilize their respective abilities by urgent the corresponding keys (i.e., 1 to 4), nevertheless it’s additionally doable for an additional minion to overwrite a selected utility or trigger an unintended proc.
  • Pay attention to the enemies you’re dealing with. If they’ve a defend (i.e., Abyss Mages or Lawachurls), you’ll need to use a creature that may successfully counter them.
  • Don’t overlook that you would be able to recheck abilities by speaking to the Coruscating Potential NPC (Balfour) or clicking on the Fungi Archive button once you’re inside an occasion area.
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Floating Hydro Fungus

  • Auto-attacks can generally entice enemies in a bubble.
  • Ability: Water Bomb – Does AoE Hydro harm, whereas additionally therapeutic all fungi within the social gathering.
  • This specific critter has top-of-the-line mushroom abilities in Genshin Affect‘s Fabulous Fungus Frenzy occasion, because it ensures that everybody is saved in tip-top situation.

Stretchy Electro Fungus

  • Auto-attacks deal Electro harm.
  • Ability: Resonator – Will increase social gathering member’s ATK briefly.
  • The power isn’t going to show the tide typically, so that you’ll in all probability depend on auto-attacks if you would like Quicken/Worsen/Overload reactions.

Stretchy Geo Fungus

  • Offers Bodily harm; has an opportunity to taunt enemies.
  • Ability: Rocks Fall – Does a devastating plunging assault that offers Bodily harm.
  • This minion has one of many strongest talents within the occasion.

Whirling Cryo Fungus

  • Shoots projectiles that deal Cryo harm; can transfer round and re-emerge to use Cryo to close by foes.
  • Ability: Frost Stream – Shoots an icicle that offers Cryo to all hostiles alongside its path.
  • The AoE/multi-target utility of Cryo is kind of good, particularly in case you’ve received the Floating Hydro Fungus to create Freeze reactions.
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Floating Dendro Fungus

  • Its projectile offers Dendro harm; can periodically heal the minion with the bottom well being.
  • Ability: Flowery Flechettes – Shoots six Dendro bullets in fast succession.
  • That is one other nice mushroom talent in Genshin Affect‘s Fabulous Fungus Frenzy occasion, so long as you’ll be able to time it proper. If a goal is affected with Pyro, Electro, or Hydro, then you’ll be able to arrange speedy Dendro reactions. Sadly, its therapeutic capabilities solely have an opportunity of occurring, so the Hydro Fungus continues to be higher for the on-use possibility.

Stretchy Pyro Fungus

  • Can do a single-target and AoE Pyro assault.
  • Ability: Delayed Deflagration – Unleashes a searing wave that offers Pyro harm and causes opponents to take further Pyro harm over a brief time frame.
  • You’re principally taking a look at an AoE Pyro aura of kinds, which is superb if you would like Burning/Overload/Soften procs.

Whirling Pyro Fungus

  • Raises DEF, taunts, and offers AoE Pyro harm.
  • Ability: Meltdown Blast – Pulls enemies towards it, then does an AoE Pyro explosion that additionally decreases the basic resistances of foes.
  • That is a good higher Pyro possibility in comparison with the Stretchy Pyro Fungus. If you would like each of them in your squad for extra dependable reactions, then that’s solely as much as you.

Floating Anemo Fungus

  • Its auto-attacks can do Anemo harm, and the occasional pulling impact.
  • Ability: Vortex of Blades – Pulls mobs in a large space and offers Anemo harm.
  • The Whirling Pyro Fungus already has its personal crowd management strategies, so you may decide to select that as a substitute. Furthermore, you’re largely selecting between Dendro-based or Swirl reactions at this level.

Notice: Extra mushroom minions will probably be made accessible within the coming days. As such, we’ll proceed updating our Genshin Affect finest mushroom abilities and crew comps information, so keep tuned.

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