Chris and Elecia chat about instruments, interrupts, and normal happenings. 

Thanks to Newark for supporting the present! The half that was not guessed was an RF FET: MRF1K50HR5.

Elecia discovered MCU on Eclipse (Eric Styger)’s tutorials on Visible Studio Code for C/C++ with ARM Cortex-M (Half 1).

Embedded has a Patreon web page the place you will get entry to the Slack group. The ebook membership is beginning Prototype to Product: A Sensible Information for Attending to Market by Alan Cohen.

Wokwi Raspberry Pi Pico tasks from Elecia: Command Line Interface and PWM Experiments with Logic Analyzer

Phillip Johnston of Embedded Artistry and Tyler Hoffman from Memfault are kicking off a quarterly embedded dialogue panel. This month is about constructing embedded methods at scale utilizing machine metrics: Embedded Gadget Observability Metrics Panel 

Jonathan Beri from Golioth created directions on how you can use USB from WSL2.

Copy-editing recreation.