Boston Coronary heart Diagnostics Launches LipoMap

Boston Coronary heart Diagnostics is happy to announce the supply of LipoMap™. This panel of 33 lipid, lipoprotein, and apolipoprotein exams is carried out through high-resolution 600 MHz nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) and is likely one of the most complete assessments of lipid metabolism commercially out there.

Beneath-treated lipid abnormalities contribute to ongoing artery injury, a quite common explanation for untimely heart problems (CVD) and sudden dying. LipoMap™ helps healthcare suppliers to scale back threat and enhance outcomes for sufferers by figuring out hidden anomalies. Regardless of continued efforts, CVD stays the main explanation for dying inside the US and all through the world. This modern software from Boston Coronary heart helps clinicians’ ongoing mission to scale back this illness.

LipoMap™ uncovers all kinds of treatable and reversible lipid abnormalities that trigger CVD, each in sufferers handled with statin drugs and in those that have regular ranges of low-density lipoprotein (LDL) ldl cholesterol. Unmasking these traits permits for higher personalization of therapy, similar to improved medicine regimens and focused life-style intervention. Observe-up LipoMap™ testing empowers medical doctors and sufferers to measure enhancements ensuing from enhanced remedies.

LipoMap™ is obtainable from Boston Coronary heart and may be ordered completely by healthcare professionals. Simply 1 mL of blood is required because the take a look at pattern, and outcomes are reported inside every week through a safe portal. The report supplies total therapy suggestions, interpretations, and explanations for every of the 33 lipid, lipoprotein, and apolipoprotein take a look at outcomes. These embrace primary lipids, direct LDL-C, small-dense LDL-C, apoA-I, ApoA-II, ApoB, and particle concentrations for LDL, IDL, VLDL, HDL and 6 subspecies of LDL particles. LipoMap™ additionally supplies the focus of ApoB-100 and triglycerides contained within the LDL, IDL, and VLDL particles, and related ratios, together with free versus esterified ldl cholesterol in HDL and LDL that are elevated in sure treatable situations.

Healthcare suppliers can entry LipoMap™ by contacting Boston Coronary heart Diagnostics at 877.425.1252 or by emailing [email protected]