All Moth Mirror puzzle places in Hogwarts Legacy

One of many many puzzles scattered throughout Hogwarts Legacy are the Moth Mirrors. There are 20 in whole, however they are often difficult to find and clear up. These mirrors are present in varied places, each hidden and within the open. It’s essential to solid Lumos in entrance of the mirrors to disclose a location shut by. Studying this information may help you discover all of the Moth Mirror puzzle places in Hogwarts Legacy.

As soon as you discover that location, a moth needs to be hidden someplace close by. Casting Lumos close to the moth beneficial properties its consideration, because it’s attracted by the sunshine — like most moths. Deliver the moth again to the mirror, and you might be rewarded with a Area Information Web page, which is among the greatest methods to achieve XP. Every Area Information Web page earns you 80 XP, so don’t ignore these puzzles.

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Hogwarts Legacy: The place to seek out the Moth Mirror puzzle places

The 20 Moth Mirror puzzles are each within the Hogwarts fort and the city of Hogsmeade. There are 15 within the fort and 5 in Hogsmeade. Nevertheless, the ‘Like a Moth to a Body’ aspect quest teaches you the way to clear up these puzzles. It may be discovered fairly early on within the sport, and it’s onerous to overlook. Additionally, take into accout a few of these places require you to unlock the Alohomora spell, and one location wants wants Depulso.

All Moth Mirror puzzle locations in Hogwarts Legacy

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Whereas it’s not obligatory to finish this aspect quest to resolve these puzzles, it instructs you on the way to clear up them correctly, and rewards you with an outfit. Comply with our information to fixing this primary Moth Mirror puzzle, then proceed studying this information to finish the remainder of the 19 puzzles.

Hogwarts Legacy: Fortress Moth Mirrors puzzle places

The Nice Corridor: Nice Corridor


After quick touring to the Nice Corridor Floo Flame, head proper exterior the doorway to the Nice Corridor. There, hangs a mirror to your left between some banners. It would present an image of the very entrance of the Nice Corridor the place the Professors sit.

Stroll again into the Nice Corridor, head to the very entrance, and stroll behind the curved row of chairs. On that wall beneath the stained glass home windows sits the moth.

The Nice Corridor: Viaduct Courtyard

Teleport to the Viaduct Courtyard, and begin heading north. When you attain the statue with the wolf animagus, stroll up the steps beside it. As quickly as you climb the primary set, there’s a Moth Mirror.

This one reveals an image of a statue close to the courtyard. Hold heading up the steps, and run south in direction of the doorway of the college. Within the alleyway of the courtyard to the precise of the principle door stands a statue of a dragon. The moth is sitting proper close to it on the wall.

Grand Staircase: Decrease Grand Staircase

Head to the Decrease Grand Staircase Floo Flame. Right here within the Slytherin Dungeon, head down the steps and take a proper. Hold happening that hallway until you see a go well with of armor and a washroom. To your proper on the wall needs to be a Moth Mirror.

Now, hold strolling down that corridor, and don’t make the left flip on the staircase. If you happen to hold going ahead, you’ll discover a hallway with tapestries and extra fits of armor, and slightly moth sitting on a pillar.

Grand Staircase: Ravenclaw Tower

Take the Ravenclaw Tower Floo Flame, and head down the corridor in direction of the spiraling staircase. Go down the steps, and on the very backside on the wall in a Moth Mirror.

Make your manner again as much as the place you got here from, and in that room with the turquoise wallpaper and assortment of work is the Moth, resting on a portray.

Grand Staircase: Trophy Room

Teleport to the Trophy room and run across the round room to the precise. On the finish of the hallway is a locked iron door. Utilizing Alohomora to open the gate, head up the steps and thru one other winding hallway. In some unspecified time in the future you’ll attain a spiral staircase. Run all the way in which to the highest, and thru the door. Flip left, and it’s best to see a Moth Mirror.

This image reveals an arched wooden beam on a ceiling. Return the way in which you got here, down that spiraling staircase. As quickly as you attain the winding Trophy Room hallway, it’s best to see that wood arch with the moth hanging from it.

Bell Tower Wing: Bell Tower Courtyard

At this Floo Flame, head up the primary set of stairs in direction of south. Head by the wood door in entrance of you to enter the North Corridor. Run up one other two units of stairs, and on the wall hangs a Moth Mirror.

The picture reveals a window and a statue of a sphinx. To seek out this location, head down one set of stairs and thru the door forward to the Historical past of Magic classroom. Then, behind the Professor’s desk is a locked door, so solid Alohomora to unlock it. To your quick proper is the sphinx statue, with the moth sitting on the big potted plant.

Bell Tower Wing: Hogwarts North Exit

From the Hogwarts North Exit Floo Flame, make your manner again in direction of the fort and take an instantaneous left. It’s best to see a double door, and inside is a pink carriage. There’s one other locked door, and when you solid Alohomora to unlock, you’ll discover a tiny room with the Moth Mirror.

Stroll again into the carriage room and take a omitted the secure doorways. Right here, you’ll see a stone staircase, however ignore it and head previous it. There will likely be a walkway with a stone fence, and close to the wall to the left is the moth.

Library Annex: Library

In Hogwarts’ Library, stroll as much as the second ground, and close to the far finish to the precise is a examine space with bookcases. On the wall between two work is a Moth Mirror. It reveals a location contained in the Library.

Merely run again the way in which you got here, and on that wall you’ll see the big portray and podium from the mirror. The moth will likely be sitting on the rostrum.

Library Annex: Potions Classroom

While you arrive on the Potions Classroom, stroll down the spiral staircase to the left of the classroom entrance. The top of this corridor has a locked door to solid Alohomora on. As soon as opened, run by the Lengthy Gallery. On the precise aspect of this hallway is a Moth Mirror, in between work.

Hold working down that very same corridor, and also you’ll discover a room with a big troll statue in a glass case. The moth is sitting on prime of this case.

Astronomy Wing: Astronomy Tower

Journey to the Astronomy Tower Floo Flame. Then, head up the lengthy set of stairs right into a room with a fire. To your quick left needs to be a Moth Mirror. This image reveals the highest of the tower.

You’ll discover this moth by working up the following set of winding stairs, as much as the highest of the tower with the telescopes. To your left is the black chalkboard, with a moth sitting on prime.

Astronomy Wing: Protection In opposition to the Darkish Arts Tower

From this Floo Flame, the mirror needs to be immediately in entrance of the place you spawn in. It depicts an image with a wall lined in a gorgeous tapestry.

Run the other manner, heading by the passage of fits of armor. Stroll up the staircase to your proper, and also you’ll discover a ground with partitions with hanging tapestries. On the pillar in entrance of the skeleton mannequin of an animal sits the moth.

Astronomy Wing: Transfiguration Courtyard

When you arrive at this Floo Flame, head by the doorways to your proper. Within the DADA Tower, hold to your proper and run up the steps. When you attain the following ground, take a proper by one other set of doorways and also you’ll discover the Pungent Passage. The Moth Mirror is to your quick proper.

This moth will be discovered by working down the passage and up the quick set of stairs. To the left is a big tapestry of a centaur. The moth is sitting on the tapestry.

South Wing: Clocktower Courtyard

As quickly as you arrive at this Floo Flame, stroll in direction of the wood door between the pink and inexperienced shields on the wall. This one requires you to solid Alohomora to unlock the door. As soon as inside, you’ll discover the Moth Mirror on this tiny room.

Stroll out of the storage room, and into the Clock Tower Courtyard. Take an instantaneous proper, and one other when you enter the alley. Close to the wall lined in greenery is the moth.

South Wing: College Tower

Journey to the College Tower and run down the corridor in entrance of you. Stroll down the spiral staircase, and down a set of stairs by a room of work. Within the subsequent room, you possibly can see a map on the wall with a button on prime. You’ll have to solid Depulso to push this button, which opens the key room. On this room scattered with work is a Moth Mirror.

Depart the key room and head left down the quick set of stairs. Take one other left down the corridor till you notice a washroom. Contained in the washroom on a towel rack is the moth.

Hogwarts Legacy: Hogsmeade Moth Mirror puzzle places

West Hogsmeade: Hog’s Head

Journey to the West Hogsmeade Floo Flame and head in direction of the Hog’s Head. Certainly one of its neighboring buildings has an Eye Chest behind it. Beside this chest needs to be a Moth Mirror.

Stroll again in direction of the Hog’s Head, and beside the constructing is a set of packing containers. The moth will likely be sitting on prime.

South Hogsmeade: Spintwitches Sporting Wants

When you teleport to this Floo Flame, stroll to the precise in direction of the constructing beside the Quidditch store. Sitting towards the wall beside a wheelbarrow is a Moth Mirror.

Run east between the 2 buildings forward. You’ll see a stone fence, and close to its finish is a stack of packing containers with the moth sitting on them.

North Hogsmeade: The Water Mill

From this Floo Flame, run up the stone walkway in direction of the Water Mill. Contained in the constructing beside a pink chair is the mirror.

Run again out the mill in direction of the closest constructing, and also you’ll see very shut by a dangling lantern. On prime of the wood lamp publish, you’ll discover the moth.

North Hogsmeade: Dogweed and Deathcap

The northmost level of Hogsmeade has a plant store known as Dogweed and Deathcap. As soon as inside, to your quick proper sits a Moth Mirror.

Stroll exterior the store and head to the left beside the constructing. Climb up the stone ledges to succeed in the chimney above the store. On the chimney rests the moth.

The ultimate Moth Mirror puzzle location in Hogwarts Legacy – North Hogsmeade: The Previous Idiot

To the west of Dogweed and Deathcap is an outdated, deserted constructing. When you stroll inside, you’ll discover the Moth Mirror hanging on the wall. Run again exterior, and switch left to the aspect of the constructing. In opposition to the big stone wall is a set of packing containers with the moth on prime.

These are all of the Moth Mirror puzzle places all through Hogwarts Legacy. It was fairly the journey, however you made it.

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