8 Suggestions How To Decrease Your CPU Temperature

You will have discovered your manner right here since you’ve requested the identical query hundreds of different readers have additionally requested us right here at PerformancePSU;

How do I decrease my CPU temperature?

It’s true that many overclockers, PC fans and PC players discover when monitoring CPU temperatures that prime temperatures that may generally throttle their CPU, lowering its efficiency when it issues most.

Throughout this brief information, we’re going to discover 8 other ways you’ll be able to cut back your CPU temperature and improve your pc’s cooling effectivity.

8 Tricks to Decrease Your CPU Temperature

Reducing your CPU temperature just isn’t rocket science.

Following these 8 simple steps to decrease your CPU temperature, you will get again to CPU-intensive gaming and duties very quickly in any respect.

Improve Your CPU Cooler

In case your pc has a inventory heatsink that was bundled along with your processor, then you’ll profit massively from a CPU cooler improve to assist cut back your system temperatures.

Red CPU Cooler
Iconic Zalman CPU Aircooler

There are numerous choices out there when buying a brand new CPU cooler. Firstly, you could have the most typical methodology of CPU cooling which is Air cooling. Normally, some of these coolers, are large, cumbersome and have one, two or one thing, even 4 followers connected. They do their job effectively for most individuals – even players.

The opposite accessible CPU cooling methodology is watercooling, which, both is available in an off-the-shelf all-in-one unit or, you’ll be able to select to construct a customized watercooling loop your self.

All-in-one Watercooled PC

Whichever alternative you go together with, upgrading your CPU heatsink and fan would be the greatest place to begin when trying to improve your cooling effectivity and cut back your CPU temperature.

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Use a Latop Cooling Pad

For those who’re a laptop computer person and don’t have a desktop PC then, your choices are restricted. Utilizing a laptop computer cooling pad equivalent to considered one of these will do nice to lowering your laptop computer CPU temperature.

Bora X1 Gaming Laptop Cooling Pad
Bora X1 Gaming Laptop computer Cooling Pad

These laptop computer stands include followers construct instantly into the items that assist to direct contemporary cool throughout the physique of your laptop computer serving to to scale back not simply the CPU temperature however all the laptop computer system.

Exchange the CPU Thermal Paste

The job of CPU thermal paste is to create a great seal between your cooler and the CPU nonetheless, over time, that thermal paste can dry out lowering its cooling effectivity.

Dry CPU Thermal Compound on the Processor
Outdated CPU Thermal paste has decreased cooling effectivity

Artic Silver 5 CPU Thermal Cooling Compound or ‘AS5’ as it’s generally abbreviated, is thought to be one of many greatest thermal pastes to your CPU or different elements and can be composed of 99% silver. It’s the one thermal paste we use at PerformancePSU.

One other widespread thermal compound available on the market is Noctua’s NT-H1 Thermal Compound. Whereas the preliminary outlay is a bit more at $5.47, you get extra thermal compound within the tube than Arctic Silver 5, and it performs almost as effectively.

Applying new cpu thermal paste
Recent CPU Paste on a CPU – Credit score: Felix Wong

There are a couple of upsides to this thermal compound. It doesn’t conduct electrical energy, in contrast to AS5, which does (being silver-based); it doesn’t require curing, and it has low viscosity, which means it doesn’t require spreading like another well-known manufacturers.

Take away Mud Buildup

Extreme quantities of mud in any pc generally is a nightmare for cooling efficiency. Mud clogs up your followers, stopping them from effectively shifting air and the mud additionally stops your CPU heatsink fins from successfully dissipating warmth. It may appear formidable to open your PC and clear the elements, however with a couple of suggestions which we’ll share now, you will get your pc case mud free very quickly.

Thick dust in a pc case

Compressed air is nice however it might get a bit costly (and it’s not nice for the surroundings) – a greater resolution, which is my private favorite is the vacuum cleaner with a fluffy sock over the top of it. The sock serves two functions; The primary; cease the vacuum from ripping our your PC elements and the opposite is to cease any harm to your system.

I’ve been utilizing the sock over the vacuum cleaner for effectively over 20 years and it does a tremendous job.

Enhance Your PC Case Airflow

Airflow is commonly a degree some folks overlook or misunderstand. They usually suppose as a result of they’ve a top-of-the-line CPU cooler churning away of their case that they’re reaching their full cooling potential, however that isn’t true.

Aircooled pc with custom aio watercooler
Credit score: Newegg

When cooling with air alone, the minimal temperature you’ll be able to obtain is decided primarily by your ambient case temperature amongst different elements too, however, let’s give attention to one level for a second; Your warmth sink can not make one thing cooler than the air surrounding it aka – your system case temperature.

So, if we can not cool our elements under the temperature inside the pc case, we have to optimise your PC case airflow.

cpu case cooling
A Good instance of PC Case air move

With the fan setup pictured above, We’re rising the speed at which warmth is dispelled from the case pumping chilly in from the underside and ‘sucking’ it out of the highest. Thus, we’re making a ‘tunnel’ of air that pulls warmth away out of your elements.

If in case you have your PC followers arrange in a different way from the diagram above, attempt switching them up and stress-testing your pc, you may be stunned how rather more effectively your heatsink performs.

Enhance Cable Administration

poor pc cable management

Enhancing your PC cable administration is vital for a few causes, first, it improves your pc case airflow, lowering your system’s ambient case temperature and secondly, who doesn’t love a bit good little bit of cable administration on the finish? I do.

Your ambient case temperature is essentially chargeable for figuring out how a lot you’ll be able to decrease your CPU temperature. By tidying up your cables and organizing them, you’ll assist enhance your case airflow in flip, decreasing your CPU temperature.

Lap your CPU Heatspreader

A perfectly lapped intel CPU
A Lapped Intel CPU – Credit score: Reddit

One other technique to improve your cooling capability is ‘lapping’ your warmth sink and CPU warmth conductive surfaces. By doing this, you create a smoother contact between the CPU and the heatsink.

Some folks have been identified to take away even the TIM altogether to make sure most cooling energy. Nonetheless, I don’t advocate that except you’re assured with a craft knife round high-end, delicate PC elements.

You’ll find a information to lapping your processor or GPU warmth sink on PC Authority: Atomic information to CPU lapping

Delid your CPU

I did a video a very long time in the past the place I delidded the blogs Intel 6700K in an effort to scale back our CPU temperatures drastically that we might try to push for some overclocking world information – we failed nevertheless it was an excellent expertise.

Whereas it is a very excessive and dangerous technique to go about lowering your CPU temperatures and is often reserved for the fanatic or excessive overclocker, it’s a good way to excessively cut back your CPU temperatures.

As a phrase of warning; Delidding a processor just isn’t all the time doable. You see, generally, producers will solder the warmth spreader onto the CPU which, should you attempt to take away it, will find yourself in a cracked CPU die and a useless chip. Be certain to do your due diligence beforehand and ensure your CPU might be determined.