Chris and Elecia discuss photons, comets, patterns, different flying objects, and cameras.

Chris makes use of PixInsight for processing  and has an Ioptron Sky Tracker. Apologies to our southern hemisphere listeners as a result of Polaris is just not seen there. There are (after all) different methods to align and even within the northern hemisphere extra fashionable trackers don’t essentially want Polaris.

Star Exterminator: who cares what it does it has an superior identify. Although it does what it says (on pictures, no actual stars had been harmed within the making of this podcast).

Jupyter Notebooks on a Circuit Python board.

Elecia’s Yoshimura sine sample producing Python colab. Additionally, Rigidly foldable origami devices and tessellations is a wonderful article about Miura-ori and different rigidly foldable patterns. You possibly can see her patterns over on Instagram. (You possibly can see a few of Chris’ pictures on his Instagram.)